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What I Have Been Working on Lately!

So, if you have noticed I had taken a bit of a break from posting on this site. I have been extremely busy with my full-time job with the Space Force at the Space Systems Command in El Segundo, CA., and also furthering my education pursuing a Masters Degree.

I accepted a new position last February with Stellar Solutions as a Systems Engineer supporting a few programs as a Systems Engineering/Technical Advisor for the Government's Program Management Office supporting the Innovation and Prototyping Directorate and Advanced Development Division under the programs of Capability Demonstration, Technology Evolutions, and Enterprise Integration. Under these programs, I advise the Program Management Office on expertise in the areas of Satellite Communications, Space-based Infrared Systems (SBIRS), Overhead Persistent Infrared Systems (OPIR), to include Communications Launch Support from the Navel Research Laboratory at the Blossom Point Tracking Facility in Welcome, MD.

I have been very occupied with the WFOV (Wide-field of View) satellite. The WFOV is a testbed to provide experimental early warning satellite sponsored by the Space Systems Command (SSC) and managed by the Navel Research Laboratory. This satellite will be launch soon. I have been traveling to Cape Canaveral and Blossom Point Tracking Facility in preparation for the launch mission.

As for my education, I am preparing to start my 7th Session with my last two classes. I have been able to maintain a GPA of 3.9. I am currently enrolled at Keller Graduate School of Management by DeVry University in a Master of Network and Communications Management with a concentration in Project Management. I will be completing the program in March 2022, and plan to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam in the summer. As a graduate student, I have been writing, writing, writing. I have been buried in research and writing about organizational and strategic management, network design, communications systems, telecommunications law and regulations.

Once I have completed my degree and the launch of WFOV, I will devote more time to my hobby and site. I will be publishing astrophotography images and How-To articles of my experiences. See you all soon, and keep reaching for the stars!


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