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Happy New Year!

January has some very exciting events happening and I am very excited to get setup and observing. I have some new equipment I want to start learning and using now that our backyard project is soon to be completed. I have undertaken a project that began the first week of October, and have not been able to setup my telescope since the beginning of construction. We are re-building our back yard with a Pool, Spa, BBQ Island, and Fire Pit. Unfortunately, a dome for my telescope and antenna tower for my amateur radio hobby, did not make it into the plans this time around. The entire project should be completed in a few weeks as all the major construction has been completed. As for now, I am waiting for clear skies.

I purchased a new ZWO ASI183183MC Pro Imager as I want to venture into astrophotography. I will start with planetary and lunar imaging and later deep sky objects. I look forward in talking more about my setup and step-by-step details for imaging processing in future posts. This will be a great addition to my Meade LX-90 ACF telescope, and I can't wait to show my first images. As we have been having inclement weather in Southern California, I am taking the time to learn my new equipment.

One of my first subjects I plan on imaging in the near future is the recently discovered Circumpolar Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3), which has not made an appearance for some 50,000 years. Already, this comet has been a dazzling sight and has been called "the greatest astronomical event of modern times" by B. King (January 16, 2023) Sky&Telescope. My best views shall come this weekend as the skies should be better for observations in SoCal.

Clear Skies, and 73s (Radio Talk)

John - K6ZQN

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