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Tonight's Sky-Watch

Updated on November 15, 2022

  Visible Planet-Watch

Mercury - Not Visible

Venus - Not Visible

Mars - is best viewed after midnight.

Jupiter - Is best viewed in the night sky

Saturn - Is best viewed in the night sky.

Uranus - is best viewed before midnight.

Neptune - is best viewed before midnight.


Full Moon occurs on November 8th, at 0302 PST, 1102 U.T. 

Last Quarter Moon occurs on November 16th at 0527 PST, 1327 U.T.

New Moon occurs on November 23rd at 1457 PST, 2257 U.T.

First Quarter Moon occurs on November 30th at 0636 PST, 1436 U.T.

   Notable Events and Facts

As Pegasus is riding high in the sky in November, the star southeast (bottom most) corner of the Great Square is Algenib, Aribic for "the Side". This hot, blue-white naked eye start is a magnitude 2.8 and is located 350 light years away from our Sun. This Double Star emits 4,000 time more light than our Sun. 


November 8 - Full Moon

                  - Uranus 0.8° South of Moon, occultation.

                  - Total Lunar Eclipse

November 9 - Uranus at opposition

November 11 - Mars 2° South of Moon

November 12 - North Taurid meteors peak 

November 16 - Last Quarter Moon

November19 - Mercury at aphelion

November 21 - Venus at descending node

November 23 - New Moon

November 24 - Jupiter Stationary

November 26 - Moon at perigee (362,826 km)

November 29 - Saturn 4° North of Moon

November 30 - First Quarter Moon 

As of July 2022