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Tonight's Sky-Watch

Updated on June 5, 2023

  Visible Planet-Watch

Mercury - Is currently visible early mornings in the east.

Venus - Is Currently Visible early evenings in the west.

Mars - Is visible all night.

Jupiter - is visible in the early morning hours before sunrise.

Saturn - Is visible in the early morning.

Uranus - Is visible early mornings in the east.

Neptune - Is Visible for viewing after 2:30 AM.


Full Moon occurs on June 3, at 8:42 PM PT, June 4 03:42 U.T.

Last Quarter Moon occurs on June 10, at 12:32 PM PT, 19:32 U.T.

New Moon occurs June 17, at 9:38 PM PT, June 1804:38 U.T.

First Quarter Moon occurs 12:50 AMM PT, 07:50 U.T

Full Moon occurs July 3, at 4:39 AM PT, 11:39 U.T.

   Notable Event-Watch

Mars is currently lagging Venus by 10° this week.

Mercury is currently lagging Jupiter by 17° this week.

Mercury is currently  2.5° southeast of Uranus this week.

Neptune is currently lagging Saturn by 20° this week.

June 00 - Updating

As of July 2022

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